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The Journey

Zoop Men's journey started way back in 1997 when the country was transitioning from custom tailoring to ready to wear. With a strong fabric business lineage we forayed into this way forward into the future. The journey so far has been rewarding, with the trust of our customers and patronage of our esteemed dealer network, we are more closer to our end user than ever. Not only we are able to offer cutting edge designs in novel fabrics, but also provide unmatched services for custom made solutions for men.

Our Philosophy

Inspired from the rich heritage of our Indian culture our design language speaks of amalgamation of that rich culture fused with a taste of fresh contemporary mood without losing the the classic essence on which the brand is built upon. Together we are working towards putting Indian fashion on a global map. At Zoop Men, garments stitched are sustainable and last for long period of time.

The Founder

With a keen interest in the fashion industry and enthusiasm, Vivek Gadodia joined his family business of textiles in 1992 continuing a legacy that the family carried since late 1950's. Later in 1997, under the guidance of his father i.e. Mr. Ved Prakash Gadodia, Vivek launched his own brand label, Zoop Men with a visionary approach towards the rise in men's fashion industry in Delhi. Started from a team of 2-3 people, today Zoop Men has a team of more than 100 people who work day and night to deliver quality products.

More than 25 years have passed since that first suit, yet it just seems like yesterday. This is the time we truly want to express our gratitude to all who made it possible. We are eternally grateful to all the Zoop Men out there adorning our creations of style. -Vivek Gadodia, Founder Zoop Men